Kari Marshall, MA, LPC

Stress Managment & Coping Skills Group

Whenever a group of 6 or more are formed then we will set up a schedule to start. This is a Non-medical counseling service and is not covered by insurance.

Learn how to be aware, compassionate and accepting of yourself, others and events that you experience.

Groups will incorporate Mindfulness, DBT and CBT Tools, Psycho-education on Boundaries and Healthy Relationships and discussion on Self-Care and Healthy living.

Format includes 8 modules covering the following subjects:

  1. What is Stress? Effects of Stress on your Body
  2. What are Triggers? How do you identify them?         
  3. Relationship Skills and Psycho-Education           
  4. Mindfulness Practice and Well-being
  5. Tools for Managing feelings of Sadness and Anxiety                    
  6. Assertiveness: Addressing vs. Avoiding issues
  7. Sleep Hygiene
  8. Food and Substance Misuse With Overwhelming Emotions

Open group for adults age 18+ with an 8-session revolving schedule.

  • Lecture and interactive format involving individual and group activities.
  • Members may continue beyond 8 sessions for continuing support.

Cost: $40/Per Session: Referral from a therapist confirming participation in individual therapy may be required.  

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