Kari Marshall, MA, LPC

 Things that therapy can help with

  • Improve relationships with members of my family (spouse, children, parents, etc.)
  • Become aware of how one’s thoughts influence one’s feelings and interactions with others.
  • Be able to deal with feelings and express them directly
  • Learn to recognize and meet unmet needs
  • Learn to stand up for oneself appropriately
  • Resolve conflict constructively
  • Be able to recognize healthy vs unhealthy relationships
  • Developing empathy and reflective listening skills
  • Overcome obstacles towards life goals
  • Process feelings of loss and transform them into positive life change
  • Identify triggers for anger and learn how to channel it into constructive energy for coping
  • Learn ways to regulate emotions and manage feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Develop the ability to manage stress more effectively using relaxation skills

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