Car diagnostics on a laptop: how to do it yourself?

Pros usually advise for newbies the standard scanner “Smart Scan Tool” , since with other options there can be all sorts of problems - from model incompatibility to the possibility of serious disorder of the electronic system of the machine.

Computer diagnostics of cars already has quite a solid history, exceeding the 35-year period: in 1980, General Motors introduced on a commercial basis the diagnostic interface ALDL to monitor the state of all vehicle systems, as well as the ECM protocol used for diagnostic tests of the control modules of the propulsion unit.

In the early 1990s, a universal diagnostic protocol for motor vehicles was created in the United States: best obd2 scanner (On Board Diagnostic), and since 1996 its upgraded version of OBD-2 has become technologically indispensable for US cars and Canada.

Since 2000, the European version of this protocol (EOBD), the EU Directive (98/69) has been introduced into the EU autos produced and sold on a mandatory basis for gasoline vehicles, and since 2004 for diesel ones.

Japan introduced its own version of the protocol (JOBD) in 2003 for all its machines.

That is, now, generally speaking, the vast majority of even very old cars (up to 20 years old) are adapted to the computer diagnostics system. And for these historical milestones, you can assume the presence or absence of this adaptation in a particular car.

Electronic control unit
Modern vehicles are equipped with an electronic brain that integrates diagnostic sensors and control modules of all systems and subsystems of a vehicle, through which you can monitor the current state, make performance predictions, adjust various technical parameters and fix some problems.

Such a center is called an ECU (electronic control unit) and, for technical monitoring or making any changes and corrections to the auto system, an external diagnostic interface is connected to it.

hat he really is?

Usually it is a bunch of special controller (OBD-2 protocol specifier), some kind of processor for data processing, special software and means of connecting all of this. Now I will explain to you in more Russian, what is the point, presenting a general concept:

The computer of the machine must have an external output-connector, to which a key element for such diagnostics is connected - an OBD-adapter (scanner), which converts and unifies the data flow from the computer controller so that they can be read by external plug-in devices.


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